Snowman Trek

Snowman Trek

Tour Highlights

The Toughest Trekking In The World!

Duration: 27 Days Trek + 06Days Cultural(33 Days)

Maximum Elevation: 5,420m

Highest Camp: 5141m


Best Seasons: Mid May-Mid October.

The Snowman Trek is considered as one of the world’s most adventures trek. Crossing over 5,420m pass and sleeping at 5,141m plus altitude. Walking over 400 miles crossing over 14 passes. This is definitely a lifetime trek with more chances of

in completing the trek for so many factors. Once the trek is complete, you will feel like nothing is impossible.

The best time for Snowman Trek is summer – unlike many other high altitude treks of Bhutan. Many groups that attempt this tough trek do not finish due to problems with the high altitude or snow blocked passes. However, those who make it will remember this trek as an outstanding, beautiful and as one of the most rewarding trek of their life. In this version of the Snowman Trek, one has the possibility of spending a day or two at perhaps one of the most beautiful hot springs of the Himalayas.

  • The company is not responsible if the clients are not able to complete their treks as per the itinerary

Detail tour itinerary

  • Itinerary can be customized as per your requirement/duration
  • Itinerary is subject to flight and hotel availability
  • The company is not responsible if the clients are not able to complete their treks as per the itinerary


Day 01 | Arrival in Paro

Upon your arrival, drive to the hotel. In the afternoon visit National Museum, the first of its kind which has a collection from natural history to religious paintings. Visit 17 century Paro Dzong (Fortress) on foot and continue walking through the oldest wooden bridge still in use. Evening stroll old Paro town and peep into some local handicrafts stores. One can also venture to try local restaurant for dinner.

Overnight: Paro | Altitude: 2200m

Day 02 | Paro Sightseeing

Early morning hike to the Tiger’s nest which will take about 1 ½ hrs to reach the sacred temple of tiger nest. Lunch on the way back in cafeteria. Afternoon back to town Visit the national museum and the fortress of Paro. Evening back to hotel.

Overnight: Paro

Day 03 | Paro to Shana (Adventure begins)

Distance: 15k

Walking time: 6h

Sleeping altitude: 2900m

The Drugyel Dzong was built in 1654 by the Shabdrung to commemorate one of the many war victories against the Tibetans. Over the centuries, it guarded the trail from Tibet into the Paro valley. We will be met at this historic site by our trekking crew for the start of our trek. Follow the Paro Chu upstream through the village of Tshento on a dirt road for about an hour. We will have lunch in a friend’s house on the trail. Just before reaching our camp, we will have to pass through an army check post, where your guide will produce your trekking permit.

Day 04 | Shana to Thangthangkha

Distance: 21k

Walking time: 8h

Sleeping altitude: 3620m

The trail from Shana to Thangthangkha is a very rocky series of small ups and downs along the Paro Chu and can be very muddy if it rains. About 2 ½ hours into the trek, you will come at a junction where a trail branches to go to Tibet. Don’t go to Tibet!

Day 05 | Thangthangkha to Jangothang

Distance: 16k

Walking time: 6h

Sleeping altitude: 4100m

Today you will come across small sparse settlements, and herds of yaks. You will also be crossing the tree line (4000m). Our camp at Jangothang will bring us face to face with the majestic Jumolhari. Jangothang means the land of ruins; you will see ruins of some old settlements, which no one seems to know much about.

Day 06 | Jangothang Halt

Acclimatization and rest day. A good optional hike is to climb to the Tshophu Lake at 4300m, which is about an hour and half from Jangothang.

Day 07 | Jangothang to Lingshi

Distance: 17k

Walking time: 7h

Sleeping altitude: 4040m

Pass to cross: Nyele La, 4890m

Sleeping altitude: 4010m.

Heading uphill from Jangothang we cross the first of the many passes. 4 hours of uphill climbing will take us over the very windy Nyele La pass at 4090m. Scree makes it a little tricky to go down the pass on the other side. Lingshi dzong will soon be visible in a distance.

Day 08 | Lingshi to Chebisa

Distance: 12k

Walking time: 4h

Sleeping altitude: 3880m

since today’s hike will not be as long, we can afford to wander around a bit. We will start off by visiting the Lingshi dzong, built on a commanding hill by the Shabdrung in the 1600s. About 3 hours into our trek is the dramatic village of Gangyul, surrounded by a natural amphitheater of cliffs. Our camp is in windy Chebisa, a small village with 2 storey stone houses.

Day 09 | Chebisa to Shakaypasa

Distance: 16k

Walking time: 6h

Pass to cross: Goku La, 4350m

Sleeping altitude: 4000m

Two hours of climbing from Chebisa will get us over the Goku La pass at 4350m. From the pass we descend into a rhododendron filled valley, and continue past some yak herder camps to Shakaypasa.

Day 10 | Shakaypasa to Tsheringyangu

Distance: 17k

Walking time; 7h

Pass to cross: Jari La, 4747m

Sleeping altitude: 4050m

An early morning start will get us on the way to Jari La pass at 4747m. From the pass, it’s all the way downhill into the picturesque valley of Tsharijatha where herds of takin (the national animal of Bhutan) are normally seen in the summers. From here a small climb will take us to our camp at Tsheringyangu.

Day 11 | Tsheringyangu to Limithang

Distance: 18k

Walking time: 7h

Pass to cross: Sinche La, 5015m

Sleeping altitude: 4160m

Snow Leopard country. Being highly elusive animals, it is very rare to spot one but their paw marks can be seen occasionally. Starting early, a strenuous hike will get us over the Sinchey La, the highest pass on our trek. Descending to Limithang we’ll see the snow covered peak of Gangchenta (6840m) and the glacially carved Gangchenta valley. Gangchenta means Great Tiger Mountain.

Day 12 | Limithang to Laya

Distance: 10k

Walking time: 5h

Sleeping altitude: 3915m

Since we are nearing Laya, we will come across Layaps going to tend to their yaks. We will be entering Laya from the west, through narrow cobble stone paths between houses, to camp in the wheat field that belongs to a friend.

Day 13 | Laya Halt Rest day | Explore Laya

One can go up to the village of Laya at 3800 m or just laze around at camp. This day will help us acclimatize before crossing the tree line.

Day 14 | Laya – Rodophu

Distance: 21k

Walking time: 8 hrs

Sleeping altitude: 4,285 m

Following the river downstream for a while and heading east will lead us to Rodophu. Certain sections of the trail are washed away by frequent landslide making us negotiate the trail over huge boulders. Rodophu is a small, narrow and rocky valley used by the people of Laya when they migrate with their Yaks.

Day 15 | Rodophu to Narithang

Distance: 16k

Walking time: 6 hrs

Sleeping altitude: 4800m

Climbing out of the Rodophu valley, we will be out in the open. There is no vegetation except sparse short grass. Keep your eyes on the look out for Blue sheep. This is also snow leopard territory. At our camp, we come face to face with the Ganglakarchung, the sight overwhelming.

Day 16 | Narithang to Tarina

Distance: 18k

Walking time: 7 hrs

Pass to cross: Karchula pass 5,215m

Sleeping altitude: 4100m

from our camp, the climb up to the Karchula pass (5,080 m) is long and hard. From the pass, the view is spectacular with the Tarina lakes in the northeast flanked by Masagang, Tsendagang and Terigang. It is steep downhill from the pass, so if you have bad knees, be careful and remember to go slow. Our camp is in the valley on the banks of the Tarina stream.

Day 17 | Tarina to Wochey

Distance: 12K

Walking time: 6 hrs

Sleeping altitude: 4160m

The day is much easier as the path follows the river downstream along the valley. A climb of about 400 m uphill after lunch will take us to the village of Wochey.

Day 18 | Wochey to Lhedi

Distance: 18k

Walking time: 7 hrs

Pass to cross: Kechey la pass, 4661m

Sleeping altitude: 3,730m

The trek starts through juniper and fir forests and then through rhododendron gushes. We climb up to Kechey la pass (4,580 m) where one can have a great view of the mountains. From the pass, we climb down to the village of Tega made up of 2 houses. Walking along the sandy riverside, we can see stunning views of Table Mountain. Follow the river, the main tributary of Pho Chu, until Lhedi village, where we will camp in front of the community school.

Day 19 | Lhedi to Thanza

Distance: 16, Walking time: 6 hrs, Sleeping altitude: 4145 m. The trek continues following the river, rising gradually to Choezo village. The glacial flood of 1994, forming dramatic landscape, washed the valley away. A bridge will finally take us to Thanza at 4,000 m on of the remotest human settlements on the face of earth.

Day 20 | Thanza Halt

One can walk around or climb up the ridge to see the view of the lakes and mountains.

Day 21 | Thanza to Tshorim

Distance: 20k, Walking time: 7 hrs, Altitude: 5304 m. The trek starts with a climb up to the ridge with great view of the Table Mountain and Thanza below.

Day 22 | Tshorim to Sarim (Gangkhar Puensum base camp)

Distance: 17k, Walking time: 6 hrs, Pass to cross: Gophula pass, 5467m, Sleeping altitude: 5050m. We start the day with a short climb to the Tshorim lakes. Walk on the side of the lake enjoying the panoramic views of the Gophula range. The last climb to Gophula pass (5,230 m) is very short. After crossing the pass at 5230 m, the trail descends down to our camp, on the banks of the Sha Chu 4,970 m.

Day 23 | Sarim to Geshey Woma/Menchu Gang

Distance: 18k, walking time: 7 hrs, Sleeping altitude: 4,400 m. Time to leave the beautiful mountains, but the trek is far from over. The trail follows the Sha Chu and descends gradually to Geshey Woma.

Day 24 | Geshey Woma/Menchu Gang to Uruthang

Distance: 20k, walking time: 8 hrs, Pass to cross: Shakala pass, 4982m, Sleeping altitude: 4,345m. Continues following the Sha Chu for about 3 hours until. A long climb will take us over the steep Shakala pass at 4800 m. From the pass we have to climb down to the lakes and trek over another pass, the Waruthang pass at 4590 m before reaching our camp.

Day 25 | Uruthang to Dur Tsachu

Distance: 11k, walking time: 7 hrs, Pass to cross: Juelela pass, 4685m, Sleeping altitude: 3470m. A short climb will take us over the Juelela pass at 4,685m. After the pass the trail winds down to the riverside through dense rhododendron, juniper and conifer forest. Our camp is at the Dur Tsachu hot spring, where the great tantric master Guru Padmasambhava is supposed to have bathed in the 8th century.

Day 26 | Dur Tsachu Halt

A day to try yourself natural hot spring bath and relax.

Day 27 | Dur Tsachu to Tshochenchen

Distance: 20k, Walking time: 8 hrs, Sleeping altitude: of 3,200 m. Today we cross our last pass of the trek. It is a long and steep climb with great views of the mountains in Lunana. We will be passing turquoise lakes and yak herders tents before arriving at our camp.

Day 28 | Tshochenchen to Lunsum/Ghorsum

Distance: 11k, Walking time: 5 hrs, Sleeping altitude: 3180m. Today walk is much easier descending down. We change from yak to horses and mules because the yaks do not like the warm valleys below.

Day 29 | Ghorsum to Jakar (Trek ends)

Distance: 9k, Walking time: 4 hrs, Sleeping altitude: 2700 m. Today is the last day of our trek. It’s an easy and short walk. We will be met by our car waiting at Tokto Zam and driven to our hotel in Jakar.

Overnight: Jakar | Altitude: 2650m

Day 30 | Jakar sightseeing

Visit Jambay Lhakhang, the one of the first 2 Buddhist temples built in the country. This is the home of the naked dance that is still performing annually. Visit Kurje Temple, the site where royals are cremated, one can either walk cross the suspension bridge and visit the village of Parar and Tamshing or drive there. End your day with a walk passing by the Swiss farm. Evening stroll in Jakar town and try some local pancake and noodles.

Overnight: Jakar

Day 31 | Jakar – Punakha (7 Hrs)

Enjoy your drive to Punakha through Yotongla pass at 3400m and Chelela pass at 3300m. On arrival in Punakha check into your hotel. Evening if time permit visit the Souvenir Making Center and the Punakha Dzong (fortress), which houses the most elaborated temple in the country.

Overnight: Punakha | Altitude: 1200m

Day 32 | Punakha – Paro (3.5 Hr)

Morning check out from the hotel, visit most beautiful Punakha and hike to Chimi Lhakhang, temple for fertility associated with religious arts of phallus. Lunch in Thimphu, after lunch visit painting school, folk heritage museum and Buddha viewpoint. Evening drive back to Paro. Overnight at Paro

Day 33 | Departure

Early morning flight out of Paro, Your guide will bid you farewell at the airport

Highlights of the tour

The Snowman Trek goes to the remote Lunana district and is considered to be one of the most difficult treks in Bhutan. Crossing dozens of high passes, many over 16,000 ft., this tough trek includes challenges of long distances, altitude, difficult weather conditions and remoteness.

  • Experience fabulous views of snow-capped mountains such as Mt. Jumolhari and Mt. Jichu Drake, etc.,.
  • Traverse beautiful landscapes from lush valleys and dense forests to High Mountain passes.
  • Explore the isolated community of Laya and the remote Lunana district.
  • Camp overnight beneath some of Bhutan’s most impressive mountain peaks.
  • Spend time Marveling at the ancient wall paintings and carvings in Dzongs and temples.
  • Discover some of the most sacred Buddhist monasteries and temples in the Himalaya.
  • Visit many cultural attractions including medieval fortresses (Dzongs), markets and museums.
  • Hike up to the famous Taktsang Monastery, perched on a cliff 900m above the valley floor.

What is Included During the Trek?

  • All Trekking Meal during the Trek
  • One Trekking Expeditions Leader
  • Horsemen
  • Trekking Staffs/Helper
  • Group Medical Kit
  • Good Quality accommodation throughout. The use of a world expedition trek pack which includes a quality sleeping bag, and insulated mat
  • All Park entrance Fees and Trekking Permits
  • Pony to carry 20 Kgs personal equipment

What is not Included During the Trek?

  • International Airfare
  • Alcohol
  • Tips/gratuities
  • Cost arising out of Flight Cancellation/road blockades/ landslides and events beyond our control
  • Expenses of personal nature and any other expenses not mentioned in the above cost

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